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Monday, 2 November 2009

Igenity DNA results

Click on the bulls name to see Igenity DNA test results.

Cavans B286, Cavans B277, Cavans Pole Star, Cavans Bourbon

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

200 day Weights part II

We have been housing our June and July born calves. At the same time we treated the calves with Cydectin and Rispoval Intranasal and weighted cows and calves. 13 pure bred Beef Shorthorn calves were housed and weighed. 5 heifers average 133 days old with a weight gain of 0.92 kgs/day. Heifers were sired by 3 different bulls Dunsyre North Star, Sutherland Bundaberg and Cavans Pole Star. 8 male averaged 135 days old with a gain of 1.05 kgs/day. Males were sire by 3 different bulls Dunsyre North Star, Cavans Pole Star and Cavans Appalachian. No creep feed has been fed to the calves. The 11 dams including 5 calved heifers averaged 600 kgs.

Friday, 16 October 2009

200 day weights

This week we have been weighing our Mar/Apr born calves and administering pre-housings treatments. The calves have been dosed with Dectomax and Rispoval RS in preparation for housing at the start of November. 17 pure breed Beef shorthorn calves were weighed. 11 heifers averaged 189 days old with a weight gain of 0.97kg/day. Heifers were sire by 4 different bulls Cavans Pole Star, Cavans Appalachian, Sutherland Bundaberg and Dunsyre North Star. 6 Male calves averaged 196 days old with a weight gain of 1.2kg/day all were sired by Cavans Pole Star. No creep feed has been fed to the calves. The dams including first calved heifers averaged 696 kg.

So what does this tell us? On its own not a lot. When we can compare the data to previous years the weights are slightly up on the average. Perhaps this reflects the excellent grass growing summer we have just had or alternatively the progression of our genetics.

To help determine if we are making genetic progress or if the quantity and quality of grass is solely responsible for giving us faster growing calves I will be sending away this data to Breed Plan.

For an up to date list of EBVs for our 2009 calf crop click here

Monday, 28 September 2009

Cavans Bourbon

Cavans Bourbon at 16 Months old

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Early herd sire

Burnton Concord (c.1966), originally uploaded by David Scarth.

Burnton Concord sired by Beaufort Graduate; bought by Mrs AJD Spence for Cavans herd at Perth bull sales in Feb 1965 for 320 gns. Dounby Show Interbreed Champion 1966.